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In the face of rural exodus, [Fenn] Martin asks people to consider a return to the land. He plays on traditional themes and techniques from decorative and architectural ceramics, combining Islamic floral design and figurative storytelling.

Tila Kellman, independent critic



A powerful representation of ... artistic energy... Representative of Diego Rivera, and his commitment to the common man.

Shelley Thompson, Halifax Chronicle Herald

It's refreshing to see rural subject matter treated with such dignity and originality.

John Gillis, Inverness Oran


[Martin is] incredibly talented, but he also has industry. It's been amazing to watch his sensibility develop, his ideas crystallize. The economics, the sociology, the history involved, all emerge in his work. And he's living it.

Walter Ostrom, World-renowned ceramicist



An artist and work that embodies a new era... Technically and politically savvy, "The Backroads, Hay, Tools, and Clay" is a show that engages us on so many levels. It is an exhibition by and about this place, its people, and this time, and has qualities that will transcend this moment.

Bruce Campbell, Director, St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery



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