Fenn Martin​-Ceramist



 Antigonight is a 1 month festival of the Arts in downtown Antigonish, one that has been cultivating creative magic in our town for the past 9 years. Year after year the downtown comes alive with the richness of music and dance, poetry and visual arts projects. Citizens young and old meander through arts projects, engaging in the creative process, conversing with each other, reclaiming our downtown spaces.


As a ceramic artist over the years I have set up clay projects that have flourished with the inclusion of the audience participation. In 2018, over the duration of a day, many festival goers made hand made clay cabbages by pounding clay in to my molds and then using the textured cabbages to cover an old 1975 Ford 4x4 truck.


As co-founding director of Antigonight I am very proud of the artistic capacity building and social community building that has paralleled Antigonight's growth. In 2013, Antigonight's 4th year the event drew 3000 visitors and very proudly paid over 14 thousand in Artist's fees. Now onto the 9th year Antigonight has become a cornerstone cultural event and renowned for big little festival atmosphere.  


In 2013, 2014, and 2017 I enjoyed serving the role of artistic director, selecting artists and helping them fully realize their projects in our best capacity. Over the years as curator, Antigonight has featured awesome works by; Katie Belcher, Jessica Mensche/Emily Pelstring, Mitchell Wiebe/Ray Fenwick, Elinor Whidden, Ursula Johnson, Dustin Harvey (The Secret Theatre), as well as community arts groups such as L'arche and Antigonish Culture Alive and so many, many more. click on the curated projects to see more.. (page still in progress).



Another community organization that I am very proud to be a part of is the ASAP Artist-Run Centre which is a small group of individuals interested in supporting grass roots contemporary arts in Antigonish, established circa 2010. In 2017, one of my favorite highlights we gathered our creative efforts to host an epic fund-raser based in the nostalgia of wrestling. See attached video as my alterego the Terra-Cotta Warrior (Fenn Martin) takes on the big bad Mr. Gallery (Adam Tragakis who is a virtuoso Antigonish-based portrait artist and Jujitsu enthusiast).... 

Antigonight and Community Building. 

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Other Videos from arts events in Antigonish. 

"Wild Winter Wrestling Promo" by Adonay Guerrero C.

"Wild Winter Wrestling Promo #2 " by Adonay Guerrero C.

Keaton Evans "Wild Winter Wrestling" Montage

Video from antigonight artistic director (in star trek shirt!) 2013


Doug Guildford and Tila Kellman featured in Antigonight 2011 video