Fenn Martin​-Ceramist

Fenn Martin is probably best known for arriving to a festival with 2 tonnes of raw clay and converting some old jalopy into an alternate clay figurative reality. A graduate from the NSCAD U (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University), Martin largely works in clay, found and fabricated armatures. His work investigates past and present agrarian life while extending historical traditions in figurative ceramics. Inspired by his home town Antigonish’s remarkable history of grassroots co-ops, the Antigonish movement informs his explorations of small-scale agrarian labour.


Paralleling his art practice Martin pursues arts education and community involvement as intrinsic to creation, Martin is extremely proud to design and lead collaborative arts projects, also co-founder of Antigonight, Antigonish's outdoor contemporary art festival.  Currently Martin is working with students at the Ceramics department at NSCAD Universit,y serving as full time technician.

Fenn Martin CV

Updated 2018.